2019 Physical Security Benchmark Survey

The survey is conducted by Security Management Research and Brivo.

The online survey consists of 19 questions, aiming to address:

  • What kinds of physical security data do you collect and how do you use it?
  • What other systems or functions does your physical security integrate with?
  • How does your approach compare with your peers?

All are valuable questions and concerns for security professionals.

We highly recommend you take the survey and provide your insight.

Click to take the survey

After the survey, you will get to a page where you can download a survey kit: Cybersecurity In Physical Spaces

A wonderful report on:

Best Practices for Integrating Cybersecurity and Physical Security 

Does your physical security platform protect against cyber threats?  

  • Three best practice areas you need to evaluate  
  • Questions you should ask your physical security provider  
  • The risks of using products or processes that aren’t cyber secure  
  • How a cyber-conscious provider keeps your assets safe

Understanding Cybersecurity In Your Physical Spaces: Expert Roundup Advice 

Advice on preparing yourself and your organization for potential security breaches. 

  • The relationship between cybersecurity and physical security systems  
  • How to prepare yourself and your organization for potential breaches  
  • How to work more closely and improve relations with your IT department  
  • Questions to ask yourself in assessing risk management

Contribute and enjoy the reading and learning.


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