Only Certifications for Loss Prevention Professionals

If you are a loss prevention manager, or a security manager whose job covers loss prevention, here are two professional certificates you may be interested in.

  • LPQualified(LPQ) – entry level
  • LPCertified (LPC) – advanced level

The LPQ and LPC certificates are the only international certifications for the retail industry, powered by The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF).

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Take a quick look at what LPQ and LPC are.

The LPQ offers value to:

  • Loss Prevention Managers
  • Store Managers
  • College Students
  • Select Hourly Employees
  • Supervisors
  • District LP in need of a refresher course
  • people interested in entering the Loss Prevention / Asset Protection Profession.

*All international applicants must take the LPQ prep-course before taking the exam to gain their LPQ credential.

The LPQ has 3 courses:

  1. The Retail Environment
  2. Becoming a Successful Business Person
  3. Loss Prevention Basics and Tools

Each course has multiple sections which add up to 500 pages of text in total.

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The LPC offers value to:

  • Loss Prevention Management and Executives
  • Senior Loss Prevention Managers
  • Current and Future District Loss Prevention Managers(DLPMs)
  • Regional Loss Prevention Managers(RLPMs)
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Vice Presidents

The LPC has 6 courses, 31 sections, 1200 pages of text, an advanced education for loss prevention management and executives.

  1. Leadership principles
  2. Business principles
  3. Loss prevention operations
  4. Safety and risk management
  5. Crisis management
  6. Supply chain security

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