Totally Free Courses on COVID-19 新冠免费在线课程

Everybody is talking about COVID-19. Every country is preparing for COVID-19.

Everyone is following news about COVID-19. Everywhere people are shying away from COVID-19.

But you know what, we all need to learn about COVID-19, either by self-learning or attending courses on it.

Here I am recommending to you 2 online courses on COVID-19 that are totally free.

[Remark] We don’t have any financial gain from recommending these two courses. There is no referral link, nor commission involved.

1.Science Matters: Let’s Talk About COVID-19

by Imperial College London

The course is designed as a 8-week short course, with updated information being added to the week’s modules along the development of the situation. Very good videos, lectures and solid information.

Join me in the class

2. Coronavirus – What you need to know

This is a 3-module short course provided by Alison Course. Quite some neat information and resource links.

Join the course now

We hope you enjoy the online courses and your comments are welcome.


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