Currency Detection Dogs (CDD) 搜“钞”犬

Currency Detection dogs are trained to detect large amounts of concealed US dollars and Euro notes.

The dogs are trained to a passive or active indication.

When detecting currency on persons we train the dogs to follow and block the individuals.

The basic training is established at our training center in Geffen, after which this training gets expanded to several search areas in the neighbourhood. After the training is completed, the dogs have got experience in training;

  • All types of luggage and packages
  • Search persons
  • All types of vehicles
  • All types of buildings
  • Open areas, agricultural areas and open yards
  • Airplanes and airports
  • Boxes
  • Boats, ships and harbours


据英国Daily Mail报道,英国警方将首次在火车上使用搜“钞”犬打击洗钱和钞票走私活动。在这项代号payback的行动中,警方将携搜“钞”犬在火车车厢和站台上检查乘客及行李中夹带的大量现金。

英国海关事务大臣John Healey称警方和海关每周都会在英国全境查获一百万英镑非法现金,其中三分之二都归功于搜“钞”犬的使用。



另据极客网(报道,美国已经有公司研制出了能分辨出现钞的机器,可在将来取代搜“钞”犬。 – New machine sniffs out cash, may replace sniffer dogs


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