Safe Cities Index 2019

There are a handful of safe cities rankings but the Safe Cities Index (SCI) is the most quoted one.

The SCI of the Economist, sponsored by NEC, ranks 60 major world cities on four categories of indicators:

  • Digital security
  • Health security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Personal security

Guess which city has topped the SCI 2019 AGAIN?



Following Japan’s capital city are Singapore, Osaka, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

*In the SCI 2018, top 5 were Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Toronto, Melbourne.


Except the top 2, other Asian cities keeps rivaling with each other after No. 8 (Seoul).

  • 20. Hong Kong
  • 22. Taipei
  • 31. Beijing
  • 32. Shanghai

*Shanghai is not that safe as many thought…but way safer than the least safe city in the world — Lagos in Nigeria.

Read the full report:

or download the free pdf:×210-19-screen.pdf

* SCI 2017