Global Risks Report 2019

The Global Risks Report is published by the World Economic Forum ( every year, as part of the forum’s global risks initiatives.

The report is based on the result of Global Risks Perception Survey in which 1000 businesses and institutions around the world assessed the world risks.

This short article summarizes the top risks identified in the 2019 report with pictures collected from related websites and sources.

Where opposing political groups previously expressed frustration with each other, they now express fear and anger.
– Global Risks Report 2019

  • Top 5 risks 2019


  • Which risks are on the rise?


  • The Report’s top 10 risks, ranked by likelihood and impact


  • The Global Risks Interconnections Map 2019


  • Top 10 risks by likelihood


  • Top 10 risks by impact
  • Least prepared-for risks in the past 3 years


  • Top 5 global risks 2015-2019

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