CyberSecurity definitions

自2007年人类历史上第一场网络战争(爱沙尼亚2007)以来,网络安全尚未有一套全球统一的标准化定义和术语。但这场网络第一战催生了北约在战争所在地爱沙尼亚塔林建立了网络数据中心。本文列出的参考链接即来自the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE).

Please note that the majority of definitions provided, are from The Tallinn Manual and strategic or policy documents such as National Strategies, therefore the information contained in this glossary does not represent a nation’s position in a legal context.

Cyber Definitions (网络安全术语表)


Cyber crime – the use of cyberspace for criminal purposes as defined by national or international law

Cybercrime – criminal activity conducted using computers and the Internet, often financially motivated. Cybercrime includes identity theft, fraud, and internet scams, among other activities. Cybercrime is distinguished from other forms of malicious cyber activity, which have political, military, or espionage motivations.

Cyber war – The use of computers to disrupt the activities of an enemy country, especially the deliberate attacking of communication systems.

Cyber warfare – cyber attacks that are authorized by state actors against cyber infrastructure in conjuntion with government campaign


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