Learning Guide for CM and BCM (1): Certification

If crisis management is part of your job, this article is for you.

If you are a junior security manager and eager to learn crisis management, this article is for you.

If you are an experienced security professional tasked with designing and facilitating trainings on crisis management for the executives in your companies, this article is for you.

As a “crisis manager” and strong believer of life-long learning, I have taken the liberty to sort out an array of information in this regard, in the hope of helping you find your way more effectively through the massive and often shattered pieces of information in the internet swamp.

You will be introduced to some certifications for Crisis Management (CM) and Business Continuity Management (BCM).

I am also going to share with you some online courses I have taken, which I found very inspiring and beneficial.

At the end of this article, I have recommended 3 books I’ve read last year on Crisis Management and leadership.

I wish you could find something useful to you.

Everything in this article is purely for sharing. There is no financial interest or commission for the author.

I. Certification
for Crisis Management (CM)

1. BCM Institute
– CMCP (Crisis Management Certified Planner)
– CMCS (Crisis Management Certified Specialist)
– CMCE (Crisis Management Certified Expert)

Application Processing Fee: S$150

[*I took the CMCE certification course in 2014 and loved it. Dr. Goh is a great tutor.]
Certifications for Crisis Communication:
– CCCP (Crisis Communication Certified Planner)
– CCCS (Crisis Communication Certified Specialist)
– CCCE (Crisis Communication Certified Expert)

2. Meirc Training & Consulting – Certified
Crisis Management Professional

28 Jun – 1 Jul, 2020      

3. SECO Institute

II. Certification for Business Continuity Management

1.BCM Institute

2. BCI Org -Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI)

3. DRI International -Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)

4. Certified Information Security -ISO 22301 Certified Business Continuity Manager (CBCM)

III. Trainings and Courses

1. MIT – Crisis Management & Business Continuity
Dates: Jul 27, 2020 – Jul 31, 2020

Course Length: 5 Days

2.Marketing Institute of Singapore – Effective Crisis Management Communications

3.Singapore Management University – Advanced Certificate in Crisis Management in the Digital Age

4.Universal Class – Crisis Management 101

5. Brentwood Open Learning College – Certificate in Crisis Management (Level 3)

6. Curtin University – Reputation Management in a Digital World

IV. Books
about Crisis Management

  • Chief Crisis Officer- Structure and leadership for effective
    communications response
    , by James F. Haggerty
  • Crisis Leadership – How to lead in times of crisis, threat and
    , by Tim Johnson
  • Forged in Crisis – The power of courageous leadership in turbulent times, by
    Nancy Koehn

There are many more books and courses but it is always advisable to select one that suits you and stick to it as the first step.

Good luck and enjoy the learning process.


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