Global Terrorism Index 2023 report in 200 words

The GTI report is published by the Institute for Economics
& Peace (IEP)

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The deadliest
terrorist groups 2022 (top 3)

1. Islamic State (IS)

2. Al-Shabaab

3. Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISK)


Countries most impacted by terrorism (top 3)

1. Afghanistan

2. Burkina Faso

3. Somalia

World map of terrorist incidents 2022 (page 13)

World’s most impacted

  • The
    Sahel region(page 62)

The Sahel represents 43% of global terrorism deaths.

The Sahel contains 10 countries

Between 2007 and 2022, terrorism deaths rose over 2000 percent.

  • The
    MENA region

The Middle East And North Africa (MENA) consists of 19

A concept of peace worth exploring: Positive and negative
peace (more on page 56)


Positive Peace vs
Negative Peace

Positive Peace – the conditions that sustain peace

Negative peace – the absence of violence or fear of violence


The eight pillars
of positive peace

1. well-functioning government

2. equitable distribution of resources

3. free flow of information

4. good relations with neighbors

5. high levels of human capital

6. acceptance of the rights of others

7. low levels of corruption

8. sound business environment

About the “Security Incidents in 200/300 words Series.”
In an era where 10 minutes are called long term, 30 minutes feel like forever, and no one has the patience to read anything longer than 2 minutes, we try to summarize any incident in less than 300 or even 200 words – because who has time? – Flecher Feng, CPP, PSP, CFE