Professional Security Investigation Report: 15 golden keys

*This article is written by Alex Xie, expert in Supply Chain Security and logistics management, with minor edition by our editor.


1. Knowledge

  • Language proficiency
  • Right format

2. Experience

  • Writing experience
  • Investigation experience
  • Security awareness  
  • Business wareness

3. Do’s and Don’ts for Security Investigation Report

(1) Do’s

  • Do improve your language capability
  • Do start the report at the same time or before the investigation started
  • Do understand the audience of the report
  • Do understand the legal terms in the report
  • Do include accurate information in the report
  • Do have clear logic in your narrative of the story
  • Do have explanation on each term not familiar to the audience
  • Do be objective

(2) Don’ts

  • Do not put inaccurate information in the report
  • Do not make judgement in the report
  • Do not list all the evidence without logical relationship
  • Do not put unrelated information in the report
  • Do not use words you do not fully understand
  • Do not assume audience already know something
  • Do not use evidence obtained illegally or not 100% confirmed