FBI Warning: Top 30 fraud schemes

Fraudulent schemes are ubiquitous.

No one has the “luck” to experience them all, but for security professionals and fraud examiners, it is our job to understand what the schemes mean, and how they work.

The FBI has famously categorized the most common frauds into 30 types. See which ones you have dealt with.

1. Advance Fee Schemes

2. Business Email Compromise

3. Business Fraud

4. Charity and Disaster Fraud

5. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

6. Credit Card Fraud

7. Elder Fraud

8. Election Crimes and Security

9. Fraudulent Cosmetics and “Anti-Aging” Products

10. Funeral and Cemetery Fraud

11. Health Care Fraud or Health Insurance Fraud

12. Identity Theft

13. Illegal Sports Betting

14. Internet Auction Fraud

15. Internet Fraud

16. Investment Fraud

17. Letter of Credit Fraud

18. Market Manipulation (“Pump and Dump”) Fraud

19. Money Mules

20. Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud

21. Non-Delivery of Merchandise

22. Online Vehicle Sale Fraud

23. Ponzi Schemes

24. Prime Bank Note Fraud

25. Pyramid Schemes

26. Ransomware

27. Redemption / Strawman / Bond Fraud

28. Reverse Mortgage Scams

29. Romance Scams

30. Sextortion

If some schemes are new to you, learn more at the FBI website: FBI List – Common Schemes and Crimes