Iman Abdullah Antepli on Islam

*Iman Abdullah Antepli is a Senior Fellow on Jewish-Muslim Relations at the Shalom Hartman Institute and Co-Director of the Muslim Leadership Initiative. He serves as Chief Representative for Muslim Affairs and adjunct faculty of Islamic Studies at Duke University, where from 2008-2014 he served as the university’s first Muslim chaplain, one of only a handful of full-time Muslim chaplains at U.S. colleges and universities. (

第一次了解了关于Islam的高度浓缩的简介,受益匪浅。以下笔记是笔者在观看Coursera课程“Understanding 9/11”第三周的访谈视频时做的记录。仅供参考,不作他用。

(Prof. David Schanzer采访Abdullah Antepli):What Muslims Believe?

6 beliefs

(1)God is one. (God’s oneness)

(2)Believe in God’s angels.

(3)God revealed God itself to humanity.

(4)Believe in prophet and messengers.

(5)Believe in life after death.

(6)Believe in divine destiny.

5 Pillars


(2)Pray 5 times a day

(3)Fast in the month of Ramadan (to develop empathy toward the hungry)

(4)Give away 2.5% of your wealth

(5)Go to pilgrimage