A Poem: The Can

Our world is never short of information

Only that many are junk

Many more mis-, dis-, and fake

We don’t realize it

We are lying comfortably

On the receiving end


Our time is never short of sloganeers

Armchair philosophers

Library strategists

TV pundits

Limelight-thirsty theorists

Keyboard Robinhood

Hyped-up super “patriots” –

the scoundrels’ last resort

You understand


No, no, no, this can’t wait

Wrong, wrong, wrong, that must be done

Time and tide wait for no man

We can’t just kick the can down the road

Then, what’s the right thing to do, man?

We should get off our tails

Get our hands dirty

Get things straight

Make it happen


Yeah, sounds great

but do what and how, Mister?

We should stop procrastinating

We need to stride and gallop

Let’s not be a tomorrower

March – Forward!


Alright, bro

You can shout it

at the top of your lungs

You can love it

to the moon and back

But excuse me, Tiger –

The can is still there

You forgot the can

– THE END – 

*This poem was first published on LinkedIn