Don’t forget your body – fight against COVID-19

Human body is a miracle.

The majority parts of our body remain a myth throughout human history and no one has yet unraveled the secrets.

When everyone is battling COVID-19 by all means, we should not forget to use our body as the most powerful weapon at hand.

Exercise, stay active, activate your inherited immune system against the virus!

Here are some wonderful resources about physical exercises you can do at home, whether or not you are under self quarantine. Some tips and practices are good for the junior and senior members of your families in particular. 

  •      UK government – Physical activity guidelines: infographics

  •   UK  Chief Medical  Officers’  Physical Activity Guidelines (pdf)

  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine – Advice, Information and Resources on Covid-19 & Physical Activity

  • 10 Today – 10 minutes of physical activity (for older people)

  • WHO – Stay physically active during self-quarantine