Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In today’s world, AI is something that no one can just turn a deaf ear to. Especially for security professionals, AI would mean a lot to your future career which is being shaped largely by the development of artificial intelligence even without your knowledge.

Take look at this master’s/graduate level course produced by ColumbiaX via edX.

Class Schedule (12 weeks)

Week 1: Introduction to AI, history of AI, course logistics, and roadmap

Week 2:  Intelligent agents, uninformed search

Week 3: Heuristic search, greedy search, A* algorithm, stochastic search

Week 4: Adversarial search, game playing

Week 5: Machine Learning 1: basic concepts, linear models, K nearest neighbors, overfitting

Week 6: Machine Learning 2: perceptrons, neural networks, naive Bayes

Week 7: Machine Learning 3: Decision trees, ensemble, logistic regression, and unsupervised learning

Week 8: Constraint satisfaction problems

Week 9: Markov decision processes, reinforcement learning.

Week 10: Logical agents, propositional logic and first order logic

Week 11: AI applications to natural language processing (NLP)

Week 12: AI applications and course review