Survey: Security’s Leadership in the Coronavirus Crisis (valid till Feb 11)

To understand security’s role in the Coronavirus crisis that is raging in China and the world these days, we have designed this short survey.

为了解Security Managers在此次新冠状病毒危机事件中的角色和领导作用,我们设计了一份简单的调查问卷。

It contains 11 questions and takes only 1 minute to finish.


How to participate in the survey:


  • Direct access 直接打开这个网址-

  • Go to, enter the code: 52 41 04
  • Scan the QR code to start 扫描下方二维码开始调查(手机屏幕长按二维码可自动识别)

The survey is valid through Feb 11, after which we will present the result.

The real-time polls will apear below:


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